Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Guild Season 5 - Day One

Well today is the very first day of Season 5 shoot for The Guild. Of course I can't say much, we are at a local (Long Beach) Comic Con Expo. Today we got to hang out with Felicia, Amy, Vince, Jeff and Robin, along with a few special guests... lots of extras and for the most part a brand new crew. It's great seeing the gang in action again... this season, as I've said before is going to be Epic. I can't talk much about it.. other then it's tons of fun.. but that should be expected. For day one it was extremely smooth. I got some great interviews for upcoming CompanionCasts for my Knights of the Guild podcast and meet some great Guildies.

(BTW.. this is the only picture I could post from set that wouldn't get me in trouble)

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