Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Guild Season 5 Read Through

First let me say that I'm holding in my hand the hottest script in town.. well if you are a Guild fan, that is.

I had the privilege of attending The Guild read through for Season 5 tonight. This is my 3rd one, I was there for Season 3 and 4 previously and they are always fun. For one thing you get to see all your friends again. You also get to hear them read the entire season of the guild in one go.

Of course I can't say anything about Season 5 other then it's going to be EPIC!!! but of course it's The Guild and we already knew that. I did quick interviews with the main six actors, producer Kim and director Sean for a Knights of the Guild Microcast which I'll hopefully edit in the next few days.

We start shooting in 2 days.. the next few weeks is going to be crazy!!!

PS... yes I blurred the script as I know how "you" Guild fans are.. being one myself.. :) couldn't take any chances of this image being blown up and words deciphered :)


  1. I'm really excited for you all. I expect crazy tweets about it!!

  2. :D you know us too well! But then again, I don't want any spoilers and we know what Felicia will do if anyone blabs even the tiniest detail!

    Can't wait to hear the microcast :)))

  3. HOORAY *geek squee* Can't wait to watch this season, SOOOOOO excited.....

  4. Wish I could have been there with you. Wish even more I could be there irl to watch it all being made. But "if wishes were horses we would all be eating steak"