Sunday, April 17, 2011

Visiting Family

This weekend was all about family. On Saturday I took Harry and his family to visit my Mom and step dad Chuck. They offered to take everyone sailing, which Harry's family were very keen on. We also had to return the rental that I had gotten a week prior and his family was going to rent another, smaller car for their travels. So we were up early and getting ready to head over to Enterprise then we'd take two cars to my Mom's. Well I started to have some stomach issues and they continued for the next six or seven hours. They went ahead to Enterprise while I took a slew of medicine hoping to simmer down my tummy. It worked temperately and I went to meet them at a local gas station where Harry would join me and we would caravan to my Mom's.

We got there around 12:30pm, had some snacks and started to prep the boat. My Mom was not going sailing as she gets sea sick and since I wasn't feeling the best I opted not to go as well. So Chuck, Harry and his family headed out to the ocean. BTW my Mom & Chuck live out in Newport Beach on Balboa Island.

I started to BBQ lunch and by the time they got back we had lunch. We hung out for a few more hour before heading home. I had a great time visiting with my Mom, we've haven't had one on one time like that for a while. And Harry and his family had a great time sailing though there was no wind out in the ocean so they didn't stay out as long as I'm sure they would have liked.

Sunday was a busy day as Harry's family with exception to his mother were packing up for their 10 day travels around California. Harry's Mom will be staying with us the entire time. They headed out and I headed off by myself to visit my family (Dad, Brother, Sis-in-law & Nephew) as it's been almost a month since I've seen them (which is long since I normally go down every two weeks to visit).

Had lunch with my Dad, he's had some fluid or something in his neck area the past month.. he now has two large lumps. The doctors did some blood work and didn't find anything wrong, so they did a cat scan and found that there are two masses there. They are going to be doing biopsies in the coming week and we are hoping it's not cancer again (he had Hodgkin's back in the mid 90's). We then went back home and hung out a bit until Lora and my nephew Kenobi got home from visiting my Mom. Kenobi was in a very ornery mood so I didn't get to spend much time with him.. but it was still nice hanging out with my family.

Got home watched some TV as we've fallen really behind since family has been staying with us. But with the exception of my Dad's news it was an good weekend. I'll keep you updated on my Dad's progress.


  1. Hope your Dad will be fine. Keeping my fingers crossed. Give him a hug from me when you see him next time. :)

  2. Hope your dad will be ok.. What kind of sailboat do they have? did you spend lots of time on the sea when you were a kid?

  3. thinking of your dad,kenny. hope the news is good.rhonda

  4. Thanks @Tibits @Erlend Aakre & @emptynest5 Still waiting to hear an update from his recent doctors visit.

    @Erlend Aakre My mom didn't get together with Chuck until I was 25.. I've been out a handful of times but I'm not big ocean person.