Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quidditch Western Cup Regionals - Day 2

Day two of the Quidditch Western Cup Regionals. Since I had stuff to actual do this weekend I didn't get to the pitch until after lunch time. I knew I would miss a few play off games but I really wanted to be there for the semi-finals and finals. So I got to the park around 2:30pm, just in time for the kid quidditch games. I also met up with my friend Bruce who was actually just about to leave and then again with my other friend Aaron who was also leaving... Both had been there since the AM.

After the kids quidditch they made just one pitch for the start of the semi-final. I wish they would have done just one pitch the entire time. The field was larger and there wasn't any distraction of other players crossing into each other pitches. Anyways everyone moved their seats ten feet in to be closer to the action (at our own risk, of course). There were two semi-finals and then the winners from those semi-finals would play in the final.

The first semi-final was between UCLA and ASU (Arizona State) and ASU won. The second semi-final was between USC and Cal. Berkeley and USC won. So the final match was between USC Trojans and ASU Sun Devils and the ASU ran away with the match and took the championship.. Congratulations Arizona State University.

I have to say that these final three games were the best of the weekend. They were action packed, the quaffle changed from hand to hand so fast. Bludgers were nailing people left and right. This was Quidditch at it's best.

Something I didn't mention in my previous blog but all the announcers were funny and entertaining. Some tried to bring you further into the world of Harry Potter by mention players moves and saying something like.. "we haven't seen a move like that since the 1853 World cup" and then they would go into a story about that. Other announcers would give really funny play by play of the game calling the players by their own "special' names.. we had sweet foot, sholeggings, curly, and so on... so much fun.

I sit here Sunday evening just having spent the entire weekend watching this very magical event and I still can't believe it. I was at a Quidditch match not only did I watch live Quidditch I watched about 20 games of Quidditch spanning a weekend. It was great surrounding myself with other die hard Harry Potter fans. And theses guys are not just die hard fans they are extremely talented athletes.

They are doing more of these regional events through out the country and in Canada. And I would suggest if you are a Harry Potter fan to attend and show your support. You can check out the schedule at their official website

And in November they are having the Quidditch World Cup with over 60 teams participating over a 2 days of action packed fun. I'm going to start making plans to attend this year. And I'm going to see if I can find local teams that play.. not only to watch but to see if I can join in on one

I now understand why the Wizarding world loves their Quidditch.

Be sure to check out the 305 pictures that I took during the two days.. Album 1 & Album 2 Also I'll be posting video of the event as well in the near future.


  1. Some great shots Kenny! Glad we could meet up for the event even if it was only briefly. I'll definitely go again the next time they are in town.

  2. I'm a member of the UC Berkeley quidditch team. Thanks for the photos!

  3. Thanks Sylvia.. you guys were great. If you would like any larger size of the photos I can send you the originals just let me know.

  4. I'm one of the beaters on the USC quidditch team. Thank you so much for the kind words on your blog, and all of the amazing pictures!

  5. Hi Nicte.. great job at the Western Cup.. so much fun. You guys were fantastic. If you like the "larger" versions of the picture please let me now. My favorite picture of USC seeker jumping in the air after catching the snitch.. it looks as though he caught the snitch and is just returning to the group to celebrate... great pix.

  6. Put up videos please! And Nicte, that picture is awesome!

  7. Thank you so much! :) That's definitely our favorite picture of all time--seriously.
    I think our team captain, Spencer, will be emailing you in the near future (if he hasn't already) to ask about getting larger versions of the pictures.
    Thanks again!