Thursday, April 7, 2011

Work, Sickness & Podcasts

Today I got to work from home, I'm really enjoying this and so thankful for my job for allowing me to do this twice a week. Not only does it save me the stress of being in traffic for my 4 hour commute (round trip) and spending an additional $50 in gas a week but it also allows me to relax when I'm not feeling so good.

It started the night before when I went to bed and I couldn't relax.. my muscles kept tensing up and I was having mini anxiety attacks.. I finally fell asleep around 1am but woke up around 3am with some stomach pains and really didn't go back to sleep. Finally got up around 8:30am and started my day, was still having stomach issues but I was determined not to be sick so I logged into work and everything was moving along until around lunch time when the nausea really started to hit me. I told Harry I was not going to eat lunch as the though of eating made me more nauseated... so there was no choice but to accept that I had some kind of bug because if I'm not eating or feeling the urge to eat then there has to be something wrong with me.

For the next few hours I laid in my recliner not doing much (keeping my iPhone next to me) as I was still working and answering emails and such. I did eat a bit around 3 but that didn't go over to well so I opted to stop and just drink some water.

Around 8pm I started to feel a bit better but still had no appetite, so I took a chance to sit at my computer and finish editing my next MASH 4077 Podcast episode 6, which I finished around 10pm. I created the show notes and uploaded the podcast to podbean and it is now ready for it's release on April 15th.

I was getting hungry now but was afraid to eat anything that would upset my stomach so I opted for crackers and then went to bed... hoping to fee better tomorrow.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Kenny, I hope your feeling better today!