Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tron on Blu-Ray

Well today Harry and I drove around trying to find both of the Tron blu-ray movies that I was looking for.. I wanted to get the Tron: Original 2 disc blu-ray and the Tron: Legacy 4 disc blu-ray.  We drove to two targets and a best buy and none of them had exactly what I wanted. The first Target had nothing.. completely sold out of all the blu-ray editions of both movies. The second Target had 3 of the Original Tron 2 disc blu-ray but only the 2 disc Tron Legacy blu-ray. I then went to best buy and they finally had the 4 Disc Tron Legacy blu-ray, but was out of the Original Tron. And Target had a deal where you purchased both movies Tron and Tron Legacy and get $8 off, Best Buy did not. Both Best Buy and Target had a deal for an additional $5 off if you got the 4 or 5 disc edition. So I didn't want to come home empty handed after traveling all over the place so I went back to the 2nd Target and got the original Tron 2 disc blu-ray and Tron Legacy 2 disc, got 8 dollars off because I bought both of them, but not the $5 dollars off because I didn't get the 4 or 5 disc. So I wound up paying $31.98 which isn't bad for 2 blu-rays and 2 DVD of each movie. The 4 disc one had a 3D disc but I don't have a 3D Blu-ray player and it also came with a digital copy but again I can make my own if I really want a digital copy. So in the end it's not exactly what I was looking for but it's what I need to enjoy both of these movies.


  1. Quite the ordeal! I wanted the set as well but I guess I had more luck at the Best Buy near my house. My son was so excited! Of course, he has already watched both movies at least twice since last night... lol

    Glad you finally found them both!