Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bad Night

So coming off of a pretty stressful day at work I started my trek home. About thirty minutes into the drive and right before I got on the freeway I stopped at a red light and noticed a little white smoke coming from under the hood of my jeep. I looked at my temperature gauge and it was a little past the center but nothing horrible so I drove for another minute when smoke started bellowing out and I knew that something was really wrong so I manage to pull over and into a residential area. As I opened the hood of my jeep, steam came shooting out, about 2 feet high, from a three inch crack right on top of my radiator.

I called AAA, they sent a tow truck and took me to a local gas station / repair shop but of course they are closed by this time but they had an overnight drop off window. So I called Harry to come pick me up and 3 1/2 hours later I finally get home. So now I have to call this place tomorrow morning and find out how much it's going to cost me to get my radiator fixed/replaced. Guess I shouldn't be surprised this is how my night would end...  as it was a pretty crappy day all around.


  1. Wow, that sucks. Sorry you had to go through that. My radiator just had to be replaced too. It cost me $1,000. Hopefully you get a better deal than I did.

  2. Had to have one replaced in my truck a little over a year ago....just under $500. If you got what looks like a Jeep it should be not so expensive if its just the radiator itself.