Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Sunday

Wish this was a relaxing day but it seems that it's not meant to be.. at least at this moment in my life. After getting 3 hours sleep and driving Harry's family to LAX I got home and was tired but not tired enough to go back to bed. I was never one for taking naps. So instead I got on the computer and released the seventh episode of my MASH Podcast and went to the various sites to promote it. I planned to do some more yard work but it was still early around 8am so instead I plopped in front of the TV and tried to watch some of the shows that we've recorded the past 3 weeks since Harry's family was in town. Harry went back to bed and since we watch a few of these shows together I had to be selective on what I watched. So in a sense I did get a few hours of relaxation.

But it didn't last long around 11am I dragged my body out of the house and started to some yard work. About thirty minutes in my mega weed whacker ran out of gas, so I had to stop and get in my jeep and head to the closest gas station, which is about 15 minutes away. While driving there I realized that my jeep was also out of gas and I was driving on fumes. I managed to get to the gas station right before my jeep died on me. So I filled up my Jeep and my gas can and headed back.

With a full tank my weed whacker was ready to go and I continued for another hour before taking a break. Unlike yesterday, the sun was hot but there was a strong breeze that cooled you down. Today was hotter then yesterday and there was a light breeze that did nothing. So for the next four hours I would go out for about an hour and then come back in for a 15 minute break, but by 5pm I gave up as exhaustion and heat stroke got the better of me.

On a bad note.. while cutting weeds several rocks flew at my face and scratched both lens' on my new glasses. But me being me I looked on the bright side and figured if I wasn't wearing the glasses the rocks may have injured my eyes. But none the less I'll have to get the glasses fixed which in turn will cost me another few hundred dollars :(

Harry and I watched the latest Doctor Who, episode 2 Day of the Moon and really enjoyed it. Don't have a clue what's going on but I kind of like that about Who. We also watched a few hours of Extreme Makeover Home Edition while eating dinner. Around 8 I got a tweet saying that Osama Bin Laden was dead. I turned on the news and found it was true. Harry and I discussed it for a minute and then went back to our TV (I'll post a separate blog about my thoughts on this issue). One downside to the news is that the major networks broke into our local programing so we lost an episode of Extreme Makeover but what really upset us was the fact that we lost an episode of Amazing Race. But there is a happy ending for us as the news coverage ended CBS pushed Amazing Race and aired it at 9pm instead so we got to watch it in it's entirety. It's the second to last episode and it was another good one.

Amazing Race ended at 10pm, and I watched the first 15 minutes of the local news before heading to bed where, as I always do, watch an episode of The Simpsons and this time it was a new one. So in the end it was an okay day.. got some yard work done, got some TV in, released a podcast and the death of a Bin Laden.

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