Thursday, May 5, 2011

Unexpected Day Off

Okay so it wasn't really a day off but I did not plan to stay home from work today but if you read my previous blog you know that my Jeep took a turn for the worse last night. So this morning I called the repair station where it was dropped off last night. They said they were checking it out and would give me a call and give me the details. I was hoping to have it back by the after noon but around 10am they called and informed me that yes indeed my radiator needed to be replaced, and that it would cost me around $500. And like most repair shops they went into other items that they found wrong with the vehicle and for the most part I declined the work but know I'll have to get it done in the near future. But I did get my oiled changed and replaced the brake pads and rotors for both front tires.

So I was told it should be ready in a few hours... well a few hours passed and I heard nothing so finally at 3pm I called and asked if my jeep was ready and was informed that they finished the work and took it for a test drive and one of the front rotors locked up and was defective so they had to run out and get another one and would call me when it was ready. Finally at 5:45pm I called them as I knew they closed at 6 and they informed me that my jeep was ready. Luckily this place is open 24 hours, well the repair place isn't but since it's part of a gas station the cashier is always open. So I opted not to head down in the middle of traffic and wait until later in the evening when traffic wouldn't be as bad. So around 8:30pm Harry drove me over to West LA and I picked up my Jeep and finally got home around 10:30pm

This is the time that I wish I knew someone mechanically inclined. Parts for this job was about $415 and labor was even more $462 for a grand total of $877. Luckily I have the money to pay for this.. but man that's a lot of money for a car that I hope to not have in the near future... but I need a car and this is what I have at the moment.

While working from home I did get some yard work done, but it was way to hot to get any good amount done. I also worked on the next episode of MASH 4077 Podcast but again didn't get much done.

PS.. it's my Brother's Birthday today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!!!!

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