Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Guild Season 5 - Day Twelve

Another EPIC day on set of The Guild season Five. These are the last few days of principal photography. We were out in Van Nuys today so the commute from my place wasn't that bad. It was a long shoot day, lots of extras and activities but all in all another fun day. I got some great interviews for the companioncast. I'm really excited for this seasons companioncasts. I think they are going to be pretty special.. chuck full of awesome bits from actors, extras, and crew. Gonna take some major editing but the end product and the fans reactions make it all worth it.

Another great thing about today's shoot is I got to play host to a VIP Guildie. Lydia (@tibits) from German was in town and hung out on set watching them film. It was fun sharing the experience of being on set with a fellow guildie. We had a great time.

Felicia posted a BTS video, which is pretty hilarious.

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