Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Guild Season 5 - Day Eight

Another EPIC day on set for The Guild Season Eight. Once again we were in Pasadena and once again we had a few "special" guest stars and once again they tweeted about being on set so not many secrets left. I got to be an extra once again for some scenes and one particular extra job was AWESOME. The scene starts with "someone" talking to me then shaking my hand before I cross camera.

I'm not going to confirm any of the guest stars.. as those who tweeted may have been visiting set, which some did and some were actually in the show.  But I got some GREAT interviews with cast and "special" cast members... oh man I did an interview with someone that I greatly admire and it was such a great interview. I also did an interview with one of the geekiest girls I have ever met and it was fantastic. These season five companioncasts are going to be EPIC as well.

EDIT!!! Here's a video just posted from Day 8 shoot.

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