Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Worse News

NOTE!!! Blogger removed my previous blogs about this so I am trying to remember what I typed last time. They say they are going to re post the them but have yet to do so and I want to make sure this is in my blog since it's huge news in my life.

Today my dad went in to see his "main" doctor who asked if the doctor that he had sent him too last week did a biopsy and my dad said no. That all he did was check out his neck and set up an appointment with a nose/throat/ear doctor. Well this "main" doctor was very upset (as am I as it looks as though if we would have caught this a few weeks ago we could have started therapy and increase the odds of surviving). He said the only reason he sent him to his doctor was to get a biopsy. This main doctor said from here on out he'd be handling my dad's case personally.

It's been little over a month since my dad has had this infection in his neck area and a few weeks since the lumps started appearing, there are now three. The main doctor took one look and said that this some sort of lymphoma cancer and it's very aggressive. So they decided to immediately to take a bone marrow sample to see if it has spread and that from visual observation that the cancer is in stage 2. But will find out this coming Tuesday what stage it is and how they will start treating it.

Best case scenario is it's stage 2 and it's only in the isolated lymph node and they can be removed and chemotherapy will eradicate the rest of the cancer cells.

Worst case scenario is that it's stage 3 or 4 and that it's spread to his bone marrow or other organs and there isn't anything they can do.

Of course we are hoping for best case scenario which isn't 100% guarantee survival. Dad had Hodgkin's about 18 years ago, fought it and won and he will fight again.

I'm trying to stay positive as we don't know how bad things are yet. Come Tuesday will know and I'll do what I have to do.

I'll keep everyone posted here on my blog, twitter and facebook.


  1. You & your family are in my thoughts extra right now; sending healing your way. He can do this!

  2. This is horrible news after such a lovely weekend with you. I will be sending all my positive energy your dad's way. <3

  3. My thoughts are definitely with you my friend. I know all too well how this waiting stage can be sometimes the worst part. Hang in there.

  4. Huge hug, my friend. I'm hoping for the best scenario possible!

  5. Thoughts and love are with you and your family my friend. Be strong.