Sunday, July 3, 2011

Confessions of a Fanboy Interviews

After everyone left from the Indy Marathon I had to start preparing for several interviews with Fanboys and Fangirl's for my new podcast Confessions of a Fanboy. I had lined up five interviews for today over the next five hours.

I still am not 100% sure of the style of the show. Figured I'd so a few interviews and see how it goes and then decide which direction I want to take the podcast. My friend interview was with my podcast idol Kevin Bachelder. I'm glad he was first so I could try different things and he also made suggestions. We chatted for about a half hour and for the most part things kind of flowed. I did find myself bouncing around a bit as things would pop into my head after the fact.. so I think I need to actually write down my general questions. My next interview was with my buddy from England Russ and again the interview went great but did bounce around. Charles Piner was next and we had a great time chatting. And finally my first Fangirl Rachael... it was interesting to hear a girl perspective on all things geeky. And once again my final interview for the day was another fangirl Jax and we had fun talking Harry Potter.

So 5 great interviews.. some only 15 minutes others a half hour. Still not sure how I'm going to edit these up or how I will release them.. but I'll figure something out in the next few weeks. I hope to release the first episode by July 15th. I'll keep you guys posted and if anyone is interested in confessing their geekiness to me on an upcoming podcast please drop me a line at

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