Thursday, July 7, 2011

Harry Potter London World Premiere

This morning at 8am my time, or 4pm London time they held the world premiere for the final installment of the Harry Potter movie series; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2. I've watched the past few premieres as it's always fun to see the stars really appreciate their fans by trying to sign 1000's of autographs as they walk the red carpet. The past few HP premieres have been big events with hosts who chat with the cast here and there but they went all out this year being that it's the final premiere of a Harry Potter movie. Besides all the coverage of the actors arriving and crazy fans spending several nights in the cold rainy weather, they were broadcasting the event in 3D on British TV, also they were showing it all over the world in movie theaters and all over the internet.

At the very end they had Dan (Harry), Rupert (Ron), Emma (Hermioine), David Heyman (Producer), David Barron (Producer), David Yates (Director of last four movies) and the one and only J.K. Rowling (Author) on stage to address the thousands of fans there and the millions upon millions watching live.

First up was a WB executive who thanked everyone but was your typical WB executive. Then the 3 David's spoke and were very gracious to the crew, cast and fans. Then Dan spoke and thanked Jo for creating Harry Potter and said that whatever he does from here on out will be because of her and her wonderful character.  After Dan was Emma and when she spoke that's when the tears started flowing. Not only was she crying but Jo was crying.. even Dan and Rupert had red eyes. I lost it then. I was at work and trying not to just break down but it was tough not just balling like a baby.  Emma finished her speech and Rupert was up next and he's not the best at speeches but he said his part and ended his speech by telling Dan and Emma how much he loved them. And finally it was Jo's turn. She was already crying from the previous 3 speeches but pulled it together to give a  beautiful speech to her fans, to the crew and especially the cast when she thanked the actors for "the amazing things they did for my favorite characters." and she by far had the best line of the evening in regards to all this ending, "Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home."... it was a fantastic way to end what has been a magical 10 years.

And of course it's not over.. the books are done and the movies are about to be  over but Potter will live on with the recently announced Pottermore, the theme park and in the hearts of every fan out there.

I'm sad to see the movies end, as I have loved every single one of them, but I will always have the books to re-read and re-visit that magical world whenever I want. I going to see the final Harry Potter movie on opening night Friday at 8:30pm with some great Harry Potter fans and I'm really looking forward to it.

You can watch some video of the event HERE

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