Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's a Girl!!!

I found out a few months ago that I was going to be an uncle for a second time. My brother Michael & sister-in-law Lora made me a proud uncle by having a beautiful little boy Kenobi. Well today we found out that their second child is going to be a girl. Girls are very rare in our family and we were honestly expecting a boy. I know my Mom went crazy when she found out it was a girl. My mom always wanted a daughter and she is finally getting her wish in the form of a grand daughter.

I know my brother told me that if it was a girl that he was going to name her Sky Walker, now I love the name Sky but am not a fan of Walker for a middle name. He was half joking and half serious but his wife actually liked the name. But also they like the name Molly Lee Ann, Lee is my brother's middle name and Ann is my sister-in-laws middle name. As much of a Star Wars fan that I am and I love having a nephew named Kenobi I am pushing for Molly Lee Ann over Sky Walker.

But then again I'm just hoping for a beautiful healthy little girl.. regardless of what her name is. :) She due on December 24th.


  1. Congrats and Hooray! The world needs more geek girls.

  2. Congratulations, Kenny! Uncle twice-over. :)