Saturday, July 9, 2011

Podcasts, Hobbits and Fires.. Oh My!!!

Today was a very productive day. Woke up at 7am and finished up my next MASH 4077 Podcast Episode 12.. Once I was done with that I started prepping notes for tomorrow when Jenni comes over to record our next two episodes of Knights of the Guild episode 34 & 35. As well as dealing with some Knights of the Guild business, ie contests, donations, shipping out pictures/tshirts. You wouldn't think having a podcast would be so much work.. but man it is.. and I am currently running 3 podcasts.... crazy.

I finished all that stuff around 1pm and took a break and went out to lunch with Harry. While we were out we hit a local Goodwill as I was still in need of some pants for my Hobbit costume for SDCC. I had planned to hit several shops but luck would have it the very first one I went to had exactly what I was looking for... yay!!!

Sign to our little town :(
On our way home we noticed smoke and it looked like it was coming from direction of our house.  As we got closer to home we found out it was actually at the exit to our house off the 14 freeway.. about five minutes away from us. When you look at it from our front porch it looked like it was just over the ridge and in the sense it was. Luckily they knocked it down within an hour and all was well.

Once we got home from our lunch I did a bit of cleaning (kitchen and dining room) and then went and watched some TV with Harry. While watching TV I took the belt loops off of my new Hobbit pants as I'll be sewing buttons on the front and back for the suspenders.

After an hour of TV Harry and I went through all our clothes and separated his from mine as he'll be leaving in less then four and a half weeks and will be shipping his stuff back to Austria early August.

When we were done with that we watched a few more hours of TV (we have a lot of stuff on our DVR). Then we had some dinner. After dinner we finished separating our clothes and I jumped on the computer to work on more podcast stuff.. this time MASH 4077 Podcast episodes 13 - 18. Both of my co-host sent me their audio and along with mine I had to import it into the Avid and get it ready for editing. I decided to string out Episode 13 and work on it a bit as I was exporting and copying my hundreds of files for The Guild Season Five CompanionCasts.

I got about a third into Episode 13 when all my KOTG files were ready to go. I stuck the files on a flash drive and imported them into Avid and prepped my CompanionCast project. I organized all the clips into episodes 501 - 512 and made notes of which actors I still need to get comments on. I should start working on my first CompanionCast sometime this week.

It's almost midnight and I hope to get to bed soon. All in all it was a very productive day.. and tomorrow will be the same... Night

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