Monday, October 17, 2011

Lunch and a Movie

As expected I slept horribly last night worried that I contracted the Hantavirus (see last post). But you know what... I can't worry about it. The possibility is very slim and if I did I'll deal with it when and if the symptoms show themselves.

Anyways today I was meeting up with my buddies Scott and Andrew. We were going to grab some lunch and then do a movie.

We meet up at Fudruckers at 1:30pm, Well Andrew and I did. Scott was running a bit late. So Andrew and I went in and ordered some food. Andrew really enjoyed the fact that he could get a beer as part of his combo meal. Andrew and I had our food for about fifteen minutes when Scott showed up, ordered his food and about ten minutes later was eating with us.

These guys are AWESOME and all conversations are very geeky. We talk tech, movies, TV, entertainment industry and personal lives. I could spend all day just hanging and chatting. After lunch we headed over to Yogurtland. They didn't have any soy type dessert so I had to opt out but the guys both got some yummy yogurt as I watched and wished I wasn't lactose intolerant. While there we talked about the new OS5 for our iPhones. They were talking about the iCloud which I didn't activate when I upgraded but I really wanted to be able to share my calendar between my iPhone and iPad and Andrew mentioned that I could upload it to my iCloud and then both of my devices would pull it from there. So I activated my iCloud.

After yogurt we headed to the movie theater and picked up tickets for the 3:30 screening of Real Steel. While we waited for Scott (who had to move his car) I noticed that my calendar was blank.. all my notices were gone. Andrew tried to reset them but with no luck. Scott showed up and we went into the theater.

Real Steel was a pretty AWESOME movie. I'm a HUGE Hugh Jackman fan and I loved Evangeline Lilly from Lost so I was looking forward to seeing this movie. I'm not into boxing movies but this was more of a father/son story and it involved boxers who happen to be robots. The SFX were fantastic, the acting was great. Story was simple and cool, my friend Andrew said they could have gone into a little bit more background but I think they gave us enough to enjoy the movie. First half moves along a little slow but once you hit a certain point it's none stop awesome!! It's defiantly one of those feel good movies. And everyone did a great job on taking this main character (Hugh Jackman) who you hate at the beginning of the film and by the end totally fall in love with. The kid actor (who reminded Scott and I of Jake Lloyd (Annie from Star Wars Ep1) ) but his acting was better. This is a good family film for all. It was will a must buy on blu-ray when it comes out.

After the movie the three of us said our goodbyes and I headed home. On my way home I stopped by Lowes to pick up some rubber gloves and breathing masks for when I continue to clean the garage tomorrow. I also picked up a plastic owl and plan to place it on top of the roof so ward off crows and wookpeckers (at least I hope it does). I also tried to recover my missing calendar data but it's gone and there is no form of back up of it. Oh well guess I'll have to try and remember my plans/events for the next few months.

Anyways, a good lunch, great friends and fantastic movie makes a pretty AWESOME day.


  1. Kenny, if you've backed up your iPhone with iTunes on your PC then you should be able to recover your calendar items. Plug in your phone and restore it from back up. This article should tell you what you need to know:

  2. Nope didn't work.. I tried and there was no back up to back up too :(

  3. What kind of calendar items were you using: iCal, Google Calendar, MobileMe?