Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Project: Clean Garage Day Two

So day I started bright and early. I also took precaution this time and geared up with a face mask and rubber gloves. I had nothing planned and really wanted to get a bulk of the work done and that's what I did. I would work for about a half hour to an hour and then take a break for a half hour and do that over and over and by 7pm I was exhausted and dirty but my garage was looking so much better. I still have at least a half day of cleaning and about a day of going through boxes to see if I still want to keep the stuff in them. I also want to re-box some of my toy boxes. Some of the plastic bins haven't held up to the weight of other bins on top of them and have started to crack. I have a about 10% of my toys in cardboard boxes and really want to get them into plastic bins as well. So it's far from over but man does it look a 1000 times better.

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