Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lunch with Jeff

Late last night I got an twitter direct message from my buddy Jeff asking if I wanted to have lunch tomorrow as he is flying in from Philly for this weekends Blizzcon. I of course said yes and we made plans for him to drive out to my place and we'd grab some lunch.

So I got up today  and started working on the next Knights of the Guild podcast. I was going to try and get back out to clean the garage but since I only had a few hours before Jeff was showing up I opted to do some podcasting work.  I really wanted to get a start on my KOTG podcast and get another Confessions of a Fanboy done but in the end I only did a bit of uploading of some interviews for my next KOTG.

Around 12:30 Jeff showed up and we headed out to Panda Express. It was a really nice visit and I think it's the first time when it was just Jeff and I. Normally we hang out at comic con with others or when he did visit my place we had company when we went out to lunch. This time it was just to two of us and we had some good conversations about life. I learned a little bit more Jeff, which is always nice. After lunch we headed back to my place and just hung out and chatted until 4:30 when he headed to Studio City to see some of his other friends. It was a nice visit and I hope to see him again this weekend at Blizzcon.

Around 10pm I checked my phone and for some reason it was on silent and I noticed that I had a message from my friend John and then it hit me.. I was suppose to have dinner with him and his partner and I totally forgot. If you read my blog previously I lost all my calendar info yesterday and I thought I remembered everything that was lost.. well I didn't. I felt like crap as I know they made a special dinner for me and really wanted to catch up. Wasn't the best way to end my night.

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