Friday, January 6, 2012


Today I spent some time with my family. Dad was sick but I did get to hang out with my brother's family. Got to visit my brother Michael, his wife Lora and my nephew Kenobi and my 3 week old niece Molly. Spent about 5 hours hanging out, helping with the feeding of Molly and playing with Kenobi. I also brought Michael our completed first episode of our Alien Nation Podcast.

After visiting my family and since I was out that way I had to visit another person who I consider family, my buddy Josh. I drove to his place around 10pm and as always he was there to greet me with a smile and the worlds best hug. We hung out in his room for a bit and went over all his DVD's. I must say he has a very eclectic collection of DVD's... from Booty Call to Lord of the Rings to The Boondock Saints. He loaned me several "must" see movies that I haven't seen yet. And I made a list of movies that I need to bring to him for he hasn't seen several classics like The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles.

He also showed me his collection of Lord of the Rings mini figurines for a RPG game that he use to play. He hand painted every one of them and even won some awards. Very detailed paint jobs.. I was extremely impressed.

We then headed over to Denny's for a late late dinner at midnight and we sat there and talked for four in a half hours... it was AWESOME!!! We really got to know each other even better. Our friendship is new (this is only our fourth time actually hanging out and it's the first time that it's just he and I). But as I've said in previous blogs that he's a Kindred Spirit and it's as if we've know each other for a lifetime. So it was a blast just sitting there and enjoying ones company. Around 4:30am he needed to get to bed as he had to be up for work in 5 hours and I still had my hour and a half drive home. We went back to his house said our goodbyes and headed home. I did manage to get home before the sun rose. But a little lack of sleep was well worth the time spent with such a special person... can't wait to do it again.

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