Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

My New Years Eve Non-Party party continues, got up and made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Lydia left last night but still here at my place are Jes, Jen, Aaron and Rupert. After breakfast Aaron had to head home leaving Jes, Jen and Rupert. We played a few rounds of Waterworks (our new favorite card game). We headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings, which I had never heard of but Jen and Jes kept raving about. We found out there is on in Palmdale about 15 minutes north of me so we headed over there. It was packed.. of course we forgot it was Sunday and football was happening and it seems this was the place to be. We waited about 30 minutes for a table, but I have to say the wait was worth it. Had some very yummy buffalo wings (3 kinds), popcorn shrimp and seasoned fries. All very delicious and yummy.

After lunch we headed over to Target so I could buy Apples to Apples the family size... because Aaron had to leave he took his Apples to Apples of course and we wanted to play. So I bought me own. When we got home from Target we wanted to play a joke on our buddy Chris who couldn't make it to our non-party party. Chris loves playing extreme bocce ball when he comes over to my place so we posed (didn't actual play) for pictures with some bocce balls and pretended to play... just so I could text him the photos :)

We played Apples to Apples for hours and after we took all the adjectives card that we won and pulled out six of them that we felt best described ourselves. Mine was Magical, Cuddly, Chunky, Spunky, Fuzzy and Weird. Jes got Friendly, Responsible, Calm, Hilarious, Mischievous, and Dirty. Jen got Busy, Unnatural, Luscious, Charismatic, Fresh and Chewy. And Rupert got Creative, Eccentric, Easy, Visionary, Charming, & Masculine

Next Jen brought her XBox 360 with Kinect and we played Fruit Ninja.. OMG.. I thought it was fun playing on my phone and ipad.. that's nothing compared to playing it on my 60inch TV and actually slicing the fruit in half.. man that's a good work out. We played singles, teams and various versions.. it was a blast. After that we changed to a game called Carnival Game Monkey See Monkey Do. This had a ton of fun games and we played that until around 11pm. I killed my shoulder but man it was fun playing. Both Jen and Rupert didn't plan to stay all day but as my parties, even my non-parties, go we were having to much fun to stop.  Jes was staying the night as she was heading back up north (7 hour drive) Monday morning.

Had a blast playing games, both card and Xbox, all day long. If this is any indication of how 2012 is going to be.. then it's going to be an AWESOME year.

Thanks again to Jes, Jen and Rupert for making the first day of 2012 FANTASTIC!!

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