Monday, January 2, 2012

The Holidays Are Over

Once again I'm always sad when one of my weekend movie marathon / Weekend party / Non-Party Party ends. Jes just left my house to head back home and I'm in this big house alone again. But with that said I'm already gearing up for my Back to the Future Movie marathon in a few weeks. So the house will be filled with all my friends soon enough.

I put up my Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving and I take them down the day after New Years. So today I slowly took down all my decorations. I love the Christmas season but it is nice to have my house back in order. Only thing still standing is my tree which I'll deal with tomorrow.

I tried to do some editing of some podcasts but that didn't happen.. instead, as I always do after a "party weekend" I just chill and watch TV. I did watch the Rose Parade and thought this years they had a lot more "geeky" floats which was awesome.. I guess it's partly because of the theme of the parade this year... Just Believe...

Anyways.. still have to do dishes and work on getting out my next Knights of the Guild podcast, which is now overdue. I also want to edit my very first Alien Nation podcast and get that released asap.. Guess I'll tackle those tomorrow.

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