Monday, March 26, 2012

Chris' Going Away Weekend of Epicness Day 4

Today it's just Chris and I as we continue he Epic going away party. Today he and I went to Six Flag Magic Mountain. We are both big fans of roller coaster and it's been a few years since I went, which is funny since I live so close to it. Well I got a full season pass for 2012 and was able to get Chris a mush discounted pass. We started with one of the biggest rides X2. I've been on X but never X2 and the wait was well over and hour. I think this ride is first when you go up the hill so everyone rides it first which made it a super long line. After X2 we opted to grab some lunch at Panda Express. Viper is across the way and had no line but since we just ate we wanted to wait in a short line and let our stomachs settle. So instead we went up to Ninja and rode that. We then headed to Superman but found out it's closed and being revamped into a new ride. So we went down the hill towards The Riddler and rode that. This time the line was about 15 minutes and we were on in no time. After that we went over to Green Lantern ride. I totally forgot about this ride. It's the newest and it opened last summer. It's a completely vertical roller coaster. We waited about an hour in this line but the ride was a blast.. short but super fun. Look forward to riding it again. After GL we rode Batman, again a 15 minute wait and then headed over to Scream, which is one of my favorites. After Scream we went to get in line for Goliath but the wait said it was two hours and from the line it looked to be about an hour. We got into the park around 11:30 and it closed at 6pm so our time was very limited so instead we went on Revolution before riding one of my all time favorites Tatsu, which is unique because you lie on your stomach facing down and hang from the track.. it has one of the best drops/loops ever... gets me everytime. After Tatsu we had a bit of time left so we rode Viper on our way out of the park.

Chris wasn't sure if he was going to leave for home after the park but when 6pm came around he decided to stay another night, which of course made me very happy. So we stopped by Best Buy to pick up Zombieland (which he wanted to me watch) and then some pizza for dinner and headed back to my place. We ate dinner and watched Zombieland (not the best thing to watch while eating) and I really enjoyed it. Not a big fan of Zombies but this movie is funny, serious, sweet, a buddy film and so much more all rolled into one. I'm very happy that Chris "made" me watch this. After Zombieland we watched the season four finale of The Clone Wars then Chris mentioned The Social Network as a movie that he loved but I had never seen so of course we had to watch it. I really enjoyed that film, I don't know how much of it is true but Zukerburg is a real asshole and a horrible friend. Really eye opening on how things work and how Facebook came to be. After that we were both tired and went to bed.

An exciting day of roller coasters, pizza, great movies and an incredible best friend.. couldn't ask for anything better... oh wait spending one more day with him.

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