Sunday, March 25, 2012

Chris' Going Away Weekend of Epicness Day 3

 I got up feeling good.. I was determined to make this a great day. We had some fun things planned for today even though the weather wasn't doing it part (it was cloudy and forecast to rain). First thing I did was go to Chris to apologize for my "sad" mood last night and of course Chris being Chris said to not worry about it and he totally understood, as did many of my other friends that apologized to that morning. Brian and Aaron had left for a shoot leaving Chris, Robert, Dallas, Jes, Olivia and Will

I made some pancakes and eggs for breakfast with the assistant of my buddy Chris. After breakfast we all "suited up" in a different way. Ever since we started going to Vasquez Rocks with the group we've talked about dressing up in Starfleet outfits and hiking. Well since this was Chris' final Vasquez trip it was only appropriate that we "Starfleet it up". We all purchased shirts and other accessories for the adventure. It was unfortunate that the weather was so bad but we weren't going to let this take away from the good times we were about to have. Everyone but Olivia was able to dress up. I even put on my elf/Vulcan ear tips for this.

We got out to Vasquez Rocks and it was cold and windy. We didn't plan to hike much since some of us weren't wearing proper shoes, but we did want to get into the rocks a bit for some great pictures. We were there for about a hour and had several passer byes ask to take our picture. It was a total blast and one of the best times at Vasquez Rocks we've ever had. Chris was in heaven and was bouncing around like Kirk from rock to rock, shoulder rolling and just really into it. That for me made the trip even more special. This weekend was all about him and he was just having the time of his life. And there was even a surprise that I didn't know about. Our friends Jennifer C. and Anthony showed up at Vasquez. Jen was in a red Starfleet uniform but Anthony was wearing a gold uniform with a Gorn mask.... it was pretty EPIC.

After Vasquez we headed back to my place to change and get ready for our next adventure Paintball. The rain had started and the ladies decided that paintballing in the rain wasn't for them and stayed home to watch movies. So that left Chris, Robert, Dallas, Will, Anthony and I for paintballing. I had never gone before so I was really looking forward to this. We got there and the rain had started. We all suited up in camouflage gear and were ready for some fun. You play 2 round per game for like 5 minutes. Chris was put on the other sides team for the for the first game. As soon as I put on my facegear/mask it started to fog up and I couldn't see anything. And from that point on it was the worst experience I have ever had. I couldn't see and the game had started, everyone ran off and I was standing there trying to made my way to one of the barriers so I wasn't but that didn't last as only a few seconds into the game I was hit in the back and was out. After the round was over I walked off the course to try and clear my mask. When the second round was over (which I totally missed). We walked back to the waiting area to wait for our next game. Bad mood Kenny appeared. I was not happy, I played all of two seconds and had the worse experience. I've never played this before, luckily for me Chris because they don't really tell you anything. You don't know where to go when your hit. I couldn't see anything and I was in it for a second. I was done. There wasn't any point is playing if I couldn't see where I was going or who I was shooting at. Of course Chris tried to help me out and say give it one more go and said I should get a different mask. Honestly I never really was going to quit I was justupset that my first experience at paintball, something I had been so looking forward to, was just horrible.

But I got a new mask and tried breathing differently and manage to keep my mask somewhat fog free for the rest of the games. We played a total of seven games and the final one was by far my favorite. I did manage to stay in the game longer and longer and I even stayed in one the entire game. But the final one I went all out and started running from barrier to barrier and crawling in the mud and such. Before I would run to a barrier and just stay there protecting the flag but I figured since it was my last go I was going to go all out. Even though this adventure started a bit rough it ended with everyone having a great time.

After paintball the guys headed back to my house to change and to pick up the ladies for our next adventure which as Islands for a late lunch/early dinner. We got to Islands and like always had a great time. Good food and great friends, you couldn't ask for a better time. We did lose Anthony and Jennifer C along the way and they never made it to lunch so it was Chris, Robert, Jes, Olivia, Dallas, Will and myself . After that Chris said his final good-byes to Olivia and Jes who had to make the long trek back up to SF. Dallas also left as he had some things to do. 

That left me and my 3 best friends, Chris, Will and Robert. We headed to the movies to watch Hunger Games (I'll review that in another blog post). We all enjoyed it and it was a perfect way to end a pretty crazy yet awesome day. We all headed back to my house where Robert and Will said their final good-byes to Chris before leaving. Chris and I then sat down to watch tonight's episode of Once Upon A Time (a show we both just love) before calling it a night.  We still have more fun ahead of us.. tomorrow we're going to Six Flag Magic Mountain... can't wait!!

You can check out more pictures HERE

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