Friday, March 30, 2012

One Final Hurrah

Today my best bud Chris came over one last time (he's moving to Montana), first thing we did was grab some lunch. Chris is trying to get me out of my "food" comfort zone (I'm a creature of habit). So he made me pick a place that I had never eaten before, I choose Wokcano. This is a sushi/Chinese place. Of course I got something safe with garlic noodles with chicken. Chris was not happy with me, but he did make me try some edamame pot stickers, which were pretty good. Once lunch was over we headed over to best buy to pick up some blu-ray DVD's of movies that i have not seen yet.
A little back story on this.. every time Chris talks about a movie that he loves he asks if I have seen it. Most are comedies and some dramas. Though I love both of those I tend to have limited time so I watch more sci fi and fantasy movies. Anyways every time he talks about a movie and then freaks out that I haven't seen it he makes me add it to a list on my iphone. So the next few days we planned to watch as many of these movies as possible. And since there are no more video stores we opted to buy as many of them as we can. So were at Best Buy and their selection of Blu-rays are horrible. We did manage to find a few movies but for the most part they had nothing. We decided to head to Walmart to see if we could find anymore of these movies but before that we stopped by Trader Joes to pick up some steaks for dinner tonight.
We were a bit more successful at Walmart and picked up a few more movies. We then headed home and hungout a bit before our friend Jen arrived. We started out first movie Reign Over Me. This is a drama with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle. It's one of Chris' favorite Sander movies and I have to say it was a really good movie. The acting was superb, I enjoyed the story. It was tough to watch at moments but had a great message. About ten minutes into this movie my buddy Rupert showed up and then about an hour into this movie my buddy Aaron showed up.
After the movie we had a yummy steak dinner. If you're a regular blog reader you know my buddy Chris grills some of the tastiest steaks I've ever had.

After dinner and that very dramatic movie we went with something light hearted.. I Love You Man. I'm a huge Paul Rudd fan and Chris is a huge Jason Segel fan. I wanted to see this when it came out but never had the time. I really enjoyed this movie.. very funny.. and I'm all about the bromances and this is the best bromance movie around :)
After the movie we said our goodbyes to Jen, who was not able to stay over. But Aaron and Rupert were hanging with us tomorrow as well. Once Jen left we called it a night.
This is really a bittersweet weekend. I love hanging out with my buddy Chris, but this is our final weekend that will be hanging out (yes I am going to be spending a few more weeks with him) but this really is our final weekend here at my place. But I plan to make every moment I have with him the best.. looking forward to tomorrow.

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