Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Hunger Games Review

I went to see Hunger Games in IMAX (or faux IMAX) as I like to call it. I was with my three best buddies Chris, Robert and Will. I read all three books so I knew the story and was interested in seeing how they adapted it for a movie. The movie started off with a very handheld, shaky camera style. It took some getting use to but for the most part was pretty cool and very different. Over all I really enjoyed the movie. I'm one of those rare people who understand that this is a adaptation of a book and that not everything in the book will be in the movie. Like Harry Potter they will cut things out, change things and rearrange things but that's cool as long as the essence of the story is there and Hunger Games had that. Of course you don't get as much detail in the characters but you get enough to know who they are. Alot of the book is inside Katness' head and that's hard to film but the little that they did put in the movie really worked. I liked the special effects and the different shooting style when they were in District 12 and the Capitol. The acting was superb and I'm really looking forward to the second and third books being turned into movies. I hope to see this again in the theater and will defiantly be buying it on blu-ray when it's released. I think the movie works on its on even if you didn't read the books but again like Harry Potter if you read the books you get a whole new level of details added to the story. I'd rate this film a B+

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