Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Adventures in Montana - Day 4

With the road trip over and Chris and I now in Montana it's time to get him settled in. The first thing we had to do was find him an apartment. So we drove out to the "business" section of town. Before we started looking we had breakfast at this cool 50's diner (5th Street Diner). We then spent the next two hours driving around parts of Great Falls looking for "For Rent" signs. We found a few and made some calls but nothing panned out. So we opted to head back to the hotel and look online for some places. Chris found six or seven places and wrote down the info and we headed back out to look at these specific places. The first place we looked at was a 2 bedroom apartment in a decent area and looked nice from the outside. Chris called and left a message asking to see the place. We drove around a bit more looking at locations and buildings. We found one on the water front (Missouri River). Chris called to look at the place and the manager was on site and was able to let us in and see it immediately. They called it a studio but it had a seperate kitchen and bathroom. The place was old and run down but the building was nice, the area was good. Chris liked the place so we put it down on our short list.

Once we were done with that we drove around a bit more looking at various places (nothing too exciting). Chris started to follow these "college" girls in a truck and it lead us to another area of town near the college. When we lost the girls we drove by this one duplex and I just happen to see this "For Rent" sign out of the corner of my eye so Chris stopped by and we checked it out. All the blinds were open so we got a pretty good look into the place and it looked great. Chris called and set up a appointment to see it tomorrow.

We drove around a bit more but called it a night a few hours later.
We headed back to our hotel room and started watching movies. First up was Office Space, many of my friends rave about this movie and I never got around to seeing it until now. I enjoyed it, I have worked in an office setting many times and could sympathize with the characters.

After the movie we ran over to the commissary to grab some snacks.

The next movie Chris wanted to share with me was Definitely Maybe with Ryan Reynolds. I had never heard of this movie so I didn't have a clue what to expect. Chris knows I love romanatic comdies just like he does and this is one of his favorites. I really enjoyed the movie, I liked the way they told the story through flashbacks. It was a romantic mystery as you didn't know who the mom was of this little girl.. it was fun guessing along the way.

We then went out to dinner at Ming's chinese restaurant. At the restaurant they had these placemats with all the Chinese Zodiac layed out.

I'm a Dog, Generous and loyal, you have the ability to work well with others. Compatible with The Horse and Tiger, my opposite is the Dragon.

Chris is a Tiger, Forthright and sensitive, you possess great courage. Compatible with the Horse and Dog, his opposite is the Monkey.

We both agreed that those fit us to a tee.. as well as he and I being compatible.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to watched a bit of TV before calling it a night.

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