Monday, April 2, 2012

Road Trip to Montana - Day 2

Woke up early and decided to grab breakfast on the go. After driving around a bit looking for a McDonalds that we could park the truck and trailer, we were finally successful on the outskirts of Vegas. We had a quick breakfast and then headed up north to the Arizona border.

We were taking the 15 freeway and it nicked the corner of Arizona for about 60 miles.

We stopped only a few times during our trip but this one of the times as Arizona has some of the most beautiful rock formations.

About an hour later we entered Utah. It's funny but Nevada, Arizona and the southern end of Utah all pretty much looked the same. Brown, some cool rock formations but very desolate looking. The only difference between Nevada and Arizona compared to Utah.. there was snow on the ground in Utah. Also realized when we entered Utah that the time had changed. We were now in mountain time.

We stopped at Del Taco somewhere in Utah for lunch and Denny's for dinner next to our hotel. When we got to the hotel Chris hooked up his iPad to our hotel TV and we streamed the latest episode of Once Upon A Time before calling it a night and going to sleep.

Like yesterday Chris drove the entire time and it took us about 8 + hours to get from Vegas to Salt Lake City.

Our next leg of the trip will be from Salt Lake City, Utah to our final destination. Great Falls, Montana.

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