Sunday, April 1, 2012

Road Trip to Montana - Day 1

Today started off with releasing my 29th episode of my MASH Podcast. Everyone got up around 8ish and we headed to another new place for breakfast. Sweetwater Cafe is a in my little town and once again I have passed by this place everyday but never stopped by. This time it was Chris, Rupert and I and like yesterday it was a great way to start the day.
Chris and Rupert started to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt 2 while I finished prepping my house for my two weeks absence. My best bud Chris is in the Air Force and they are transferring him from California to Montana for three years. I told him I would drive up with him and help him settle in for a few weeks.

While I was getting ready my other best bud Robert called me and he, Chris and I chatted for a bit before Robert decided to drive up to see us one last time before we left.  I finished packing when Robert arrived. The four of us hung out for a few hours before Chris had to say his final goodbyes to Rupert and Robert.

The Adventures Begins....

The first leg of our adventure was driving from my house in California to Las Vegas. The trip was pretty uneventful other then the time it took us to get there. I live about 4 1/2 hours away from Vegas but because we were in a moving truck pulling a car we had to go slower and in the end I think it took us over 6 hours to finally get to Vegas. On our way to Vegas I booked us a room at the Luxor and had to find parking for our moving truck and trailer. Luckily Luxor/Excalibur has a section of parking for big rigs, RV's and other large vehicles and after searching for it we finally found the lot and parked the truck.

We checked in, found our room in the maze that is the Luxor hallways, had a quick pillow fight before heading down for dinner and a bit a gambling. We had a hardy dinner (meatloaf and mash potatoes) then played a few bucks on the slots (as we wanted to get some free drinks). Well the waitress never showed up to our section so finally Chris just went and bought us some drinks. We walked around looking for this virtural dealer black jack table that Chris really liked. We found one but it was $5 minuium a hand, which was a bit to much for us so we continued to walk around, drink (free drinks) and play some slots. To end the night we went back to the $5 virtual black jack table and played $20 (Chris played $40) but I actually did really well for a while and was up $60 before ending the night in the hole.

All in all it was a great start to our adventure.. tomorrows agenda.. driving from Vegas to Salt Lake City,

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