Friday, April 6, 2012

Adventures in Montana - Day 6

Woke up this morning to snow. Not a whole lot but a constant downfall of snow all day. We bundled up and headed out to breakfast. When we first got here Chris said that for the two weeks that I'm here we were not going to eat at the same place twice.. so for breakfast we tried a new place called 4B. Great prices and really good food.

After breakfast we headed back to the hotel to wait to hear from the owner of the apartment that Chris wants. It was snowing outside and cold so we figured we'd figure we would just hang out in the warm hotel room and wait. While we waited we watched another movie that I had never seen... Watchmen. We watched the three hour plus directors cut. It was a long movie but never boring. Interesting story and some great effects. I really enjoyed this movie.

After Watchmen we still hadn't heard about the apartment and we were starting to get worried. We called the lady and left a message just checking in. We were worried that she wouldn't accept him and then the other 2 bedroom apartment that he liked would be rented as well and we'd have to go back to looking again.

Since it was still snowing we decided to watch another movie... Source Code. I really enjoyed this movie, I'm a huge Jake Gyllenhaal fan and I did want to see this movie when it came out in the theaters. It was a cool concept and I think they did a great job at showing the same 8 minute scene over and over but each time a bit different. Didn't see the final twist coming so that was a surprise. I really enjoyed this movie.

We headed out to Fuddruckers for some lunch and then back to the hotel to continue my "First Time Movie Viewing". Next on the list is Knocked Up. This was a fun movie. Not too slapstick or gross, just a nice comedy.

We got a call from the apartment owner and she still hadn't decided on the apartment or not. She had references to call and stuff for them to fill out. This owner is very particular on who she rents too.. and Chris already has a ding against him because he's military, even though he's perfect for this place. She said should we let him know tomorrow if he got the place or not... so we wait.

For our final movie of the day... The Time Travelers Wife. This is one of Chris' favorites and I remember wanting to see this when it came out. This is a fantasy romantic love story. I really enjoyed the story. Trying to keep track of which version of the main character was on screen during a certain scene took some doing but I liked how everything worked out. I cried the last fifteen minutes of this movie, so they definitely got me. It was a great way to end today's movie marathon.

After the movies we watched a bit a TV before calling it a night.

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