Saturday, April 7, 2012

Adventures in Montana - Day 7

Today we woke up to some good news.. Chris got the apartment!! YAY!!! So we headed out to the "hill top" apartment to sign the lease.

After signing the lease we got the keys and we unpacked the stuff from Chris' car. We then drove back to base to drop off the car and pick up the moving truck. Got back to his new place and with in an hour we had the truck unpacked.

We drove the truck back to the base to drop it off (going to return it on Monday), We filled and I mean filled up Chris' car with the stuff from the hotel. We check out of the hotel and made our way back to his new apartment. We unloaded everything from the car and the move was complete.

The next phase of the move is unpacking and getting things orgainized. Chris is very particular on where he wants everything. I helped here and there but really all I did was unpack the boxes and Chris would put things where he wanted.

We walked to Taco Bell for lunch (Since it's near his new place). And then got back to unpacking boxes.

While arranging furniture and things we noticed that the outlets were two prongs, since it's an old house, so we had to go to Home Depot to get some grounded three prong convertors. Once we had those Chris got his TV system up and running.

We finished the night with another "First Time Movie Viewing" This time Change Up. I have to say this was the worst movie I have seen in a long time. It vualgar, gross, unrealistic and just plain stupid. Okay that's not completly true, the last half of the film was okay but it didn't make up for the first half. The Ryan Renyolds character was the worst human being. I kept saying I can't beleive anyone would act like this.. but as Chris mentioned, there are all kinds of people out there but I know I would never associate with anyone like him.

After the movie we watched a few Friends episodes on DVD before fighting over who would sleep where. I wanted Chris to sleep in his bed since it's the first night in his new place but he insisted I take the bed and he take the couch. Two very stubborn people going head to head.. in the end I gave in and took the bed.

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