Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adventures in Montana - Day 5

Today Chris had to actually go into work for a few hours and check in with his new unit. During this time I tried to get some blogging done as I was further and further behind. In the few hours that he was gone I did manage to write three blogs. When he got back to the hotel room we ran out to grab some lunch... today it was Quiznos.

So after looking at apartments all day yesterday Chris found two that he really liked. The first one was a 2 bedroom, 1 bath place that had washer/dryer hook ups and a dishwasher (both on Chris' must have list).. The second one was the apartment that we call the "hill top" apartment. It's the one I found while Chris was chasing collage girls. It's 1 bedroom, 1 bath with a washer/dryer and dishwasher... it also has it's own garage and it was $60 cheaper then the first one. We set up an appointment to see the "hill top" apartment today in the early afternoon and set up to see the first apartment later in the evening.

So after lunch we met up at the "hill top" apartment and checked it out. The place it pretty big for a 1 bedroom, it's great to have your very own washer and drying in the unit. It's also a duplex and this is the lower unit and partially subterranean so all the windows are raised toward the ceiling. The appliances are all fairly new and the bathroom is a pretty good size. The garage is pretty big where he could get his car in and still have plenty of storage space. Overall the place is great.

Once we looked at the "hill top" we had about five hours before we looked at the 1st unit so we decided to head back to the hotel and continue my "First Time Movie Viewing".

First up was Horrible Bosses. At first I had a hard time with this movie because the bosses were so horrible it made me uncomfortable to watch. In the end I really enjoyed this movie.. lots of fun and craziness.

The second movie of the night was Due Date. I remember seeing commercials for this and it looked funny. This was a fun movie and wow was this a road trip from hell. Of course no road trip would ever be this bad, so many things happen all at once it's very unrealistic but man was it funny.

After Due Date it was time to head out to see the 2 bedroom apartment. This place is a bit bigger all round, bedrooms, kitchen but it only had washer and dryer hook ups but not the appliances and though it did have a dishwasher all the kitchen appliances looked fairly old. There was no garage but it did have a parking space and this one had a nice patio.

After seeing the "hill top" place and without seeing the 2 bedroom I was leaning towards the "hill top" place because it had a garage and I know during winter that will come in handy and he won't have to shovel the snow to get his car out every morning. It was in a great location near a mall and main street with all the restaurants. But after seeing the 2 bedroom I started to think maybe this would be better for him. The owner of the "hill top" place had some bad experiences with military renters and was leery. The woman with the 2 bedroom was ready to sign Chris to the lease as soon as we looked at the place. I just wanted Chris to find a nice place.

But in the end he liked the "hill top" place better and I agree it was the better of the two places. So we took a chance and went for the "hill top" place. He quickly filled out the application and we drove it over to the owners house. Chris met with the husband of the owner who is a former military and chatted with them for a bit while I stayed in the car. We hope to hear back from them tomorrow so we could move in over the weekend.

We drove by a Macaroni Grill on our way to turn in the application so Chris wanted to stop by there for dinner. Had a nice dinner before heading back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel we ended the night with another "First Time Movie Viewing"  This time it was Eagle Eye. I really enjoyed this movie.. it was a fun action packed adventure and I totally loved the storyline.

After the movie we watched a bit of local TV before calling it a night.

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