Thursday, May 10, 2012

Family, Friends & Pirates.. Oh My!!

Picture a Day in May # 10
It's been about three weeks since I've seen my family. I normally got down there ever few weeks but since gas prices are so crazy I cut it back and now go down every three weeks. Anyways had a great time visiting my niece and nephew.. they are both getting so big. As well as visiting my Dad, Brother and Sister-in-law. Had lunch with my pops and got this fortune cookie message.. hope it's true (it became my 10th pic for May).

When I'm down here I like to check in with my buddy Josh as he lives not too far away from the family. He was having dinner with his family but was available after 8pm. I suggested that I pick him up and go back to my place and we could hang out the rest of the night and then spend most of the day tomorrow together since he didn't have to be at work until 6pm. He liked the idea and that became my plan. Got back to my place fairly late, we watched Cutthroat Island (a Geena Davis movie from the 90's) that Josh had never seen and had a few bottles of wine. It was a great way to end the day with wine, pirates and great company.

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