Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Friends

Picture a Day in May #9
Today I had lunch with a friend that I've known for almost six or so years but never have meet in person. His name is Sebastian and we meet on the Treks in Sci Fi forums. At the time when we meet he was living in London and a few years later in northern California, but in 2009 he moved to Burbank and we talked about hanging out about every few months but it never happened. Finally a few days ago we were chatting on facebook and finally made plans to actually meet up in person for lunch.

I was excited to finally meet him as we have been friends for so long. We meet at BJ's restaurant out in Valencia. It was an instant friendship, maybe it's because we've known each other online for so long but hanging out with Sebastian was like we've known each other forever. Our two hour lunch turned into walking around the mall and chatting for hours on end.

Sebastian's girlfriend finally called and he mentioned that we were still hanging out so she said she was going to join us. I suggested that we all just go to my place and we could hang out in peace (the mall was getting louder and louder with kids). We grabbed a pizza on our way home for dinner and meet up with Amanda at my place. We sat out on the back porch for a hours chatting and admiring the stars as it started to get dark as we were sitting out there.

I had planned to edited my next Alien Nation podcast but what was suppose to be a two hour lunch turned into a nine hour hang out session and it was a blast. We made sure when we said goodbye that another few year wouldn't pass before we hung out again.

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