Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just Another Day

Pix a day in May #3
Nothing much to report today.. I did catch up on some TV.. watched a few episodes of Modern Family, Cougar Town, Lost Girl and Glee. I worked a little bit on a new Confessions of a Fanboy but still really struggling with motivation for podcasting. I cleaned a bit and did a bit a yard work.

Was feeling a bit down and don't really know why but four hours of Glee and a few hours of playing Minecraft with my bestie and my spirits were lifted. I ended the night feeling pretty good.

I also released my third picture from my A Picture A Day In May series.. since I watched some episodes of Firefly last night I went with a Firefly theme and put on my awesome Jayne hat..

Also spent the last half hour of my night reading tweets from friends who were watching Avengers. I didn't make any plans to see the midnight screening, would have if anyone would have asked but I didn't get any invites. I plan to go during the day tomorrow to see it. I'm sure I'll be posting my review on my blog when I have done so.

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  1. Sweetie, guess a lot of people were watching it who live up North.We didn;t get to go either cause work work work. You know. Anyway, hope that the fact that no one asked you didn't get you down. You have lots of people who love your company. If Matt and I lived closer, we would've gone with you in a heartbeat! :) xoxo