Sunday, April 29, 2012

Shooting 5 Minute Comedy Hour

Today they shot an episode of Jeff Lewis' 5 Minute Comedy Hour at my place. I can't say much about it, thought it's hilarious and it's going to be EPIC..  Crew started getting here around 8am. Obviously Jeff Lewis was here and a few other surprise guest stars. The crew wasn't much larger then the one that was here the previous Sunday, but because of my house guests Jes and Rupert and the extra cast members my house felt really packed. 

Jen also arrived to my place not because of the shoot but to fix my computer. She got to work on that immediately.

The shoot started off a bit crazy as the wardrobe person called and said she had gotten into an accident while traveling to my place. It wasn't bad but it was going to make her late. Around 10ish Sean Becker, the director got a call from the wardrobe person who wasn't making much sense but he manage to get that she was on my dirt road but for some reason unable to get to my place. Sean decided to go find her and didn't expect to see what he did. We don't know how but she manage to turn her car onto it's side and flip around in the opposite direction. What's even crazier is it was a straight road, there are no curves or anything, we don't know how she did it.

When Sean got to her she was still seat belted into the driver side and he had to go through her back tailgate to pull her out. She really doesn't remember anything of the accident. She was as bit shaken up, as expected, but she seemed fine. She contacted her insurance and within a few hours the tow truck was there and she went off with them.

Rupert, Jes and Jen crazing the set!!
BTW Sean was able to get the costumes so we could start shooting. The shoot went pretty well, it was hot but breezy and we were shooting outside all day by the hillside. Some of you may know that down the hill from me is a small airport but planes rarely land or take off from there.. well that was until today when come to find out they had an mini airshow and planes flew over every few minutes. I'm sure Leo our audio guy had the worse job today. They did manage to shoot everything before sundown but because of the late start they didn't leave my place until a little after 8pm (12 hour shoot day).

It was a fun shoot even with the planes, I got to read with the cast and that's always fun. I'm no actor but it's still fun to interact with the group.

Jes left around 6:30pm as she had to head back up north to get home by a decent hour for work tomorrow. Jen has been working on my computer all day and so far she hasn't had any success, she is trying one more thing before calling it quits and Rupert just hung out.

Jen, Rupert and I made some dinner and sat down to watch Once Upon a Time. But my bestie Chris (who recorded the show and hour ahead of me) waited and wanted to watch it with me. So once our dinner was done the four of use sat down to watch while Chris and I chatted online during commercials. I miss watching Once with Chris so when he suggested we watch together it made my heart smile. Another fantastic episode of Once Upon A Time, that show continues to impress me and I can't believe we only have two episodes left before season one is over.

Well it was late, a little after 10pm and Jen finally had success at cleaning off the virus on my computer, I still had a few issues but the major fight was won.. thanks Jen. Jen and Rupert headed for home and I went to bed around 10:30pm, watch an episode of the Simpsons before calling it a night.

It was a crazy fun filled Sunday!!! And a FANTASTIC WEEKEND of Friends (who are more like family), Disneyland, Filming and having such an awesome time.

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