Saturday, April 28, 2012

Disneyland... Again!!

I have lost count on how many times I have gone to Disneyland since I got my season pass in October. I think I'm getting close to double digits. My friend Jes had a two day pass and used one day a few months back and needed to use her other day before June. So we planned for a day at Disneyland. Of course when we made this plan I had to put it out there to see if any of our friends wanted to join us. Many of my friends are pass holders as well. And as expected several of them wanted to join us. If you read my previous blog post you already know that Robert and Rupert joined us, as well as Jen, Aaron, Anthony and Jennifer.

We got there around 10am and joined up with Jen first. Then shortly after meet up with Aaron. The place was PACKED!! I pretty much expect this as it was a Saturday and gorgeous outside. We grabbed a fast pass for Star Tour (it's always the first thing we do), then headed over to Indiana Jones and got in line. While in line we met up with Anthony and Jennifer who were just getting off the ride. They waited for us as we rode the ride. Next we headed over to Big Thunder Mountain to get a fast pass before walking back to Pirates of the Caribbean, this was Jes' first time on this ride. After Pirates we did a bathroom break and wanted to grab a pretzel. I wasn't feeling so hot, I think the heat was getting so me. We rested for a bit before heading over to Big Thunder Mountain to use our fast pass. After Big Thunder we headed over to the Haunted Mansion. When we were in line for this we over heard this young (teenage) girl ask a friend if this ride was based on the movie.. Robert and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

Anthony and Jennifer headed over to guest service while the rest of us went over to Space Mountain to get a fast pass. Well Space Mountain was shut down so we couldn't get a pass and decided to head over to Disney's California Adventures to get a fast pass for Tower of Terror. We met back up with Anthony and Jennifer on our way over. After getting out fast pass we went to watch the stage play Aladdin (one of my favorite things to do at DCA).

Robert had to leave us, but before he did, we went back to Disneyland to use our fast pass for Star Tours. Jes was chosen as the Rebel Spy which was AWESOME and we had a great combination of stories for the ride.

We headed out of the park to Downtown Disney for some dinner but first stopped by the tram station to say goodbye to Robert. It was sad to see him go but we had a great time while he was with us.

We then went to every restaurant at Downtown Disney and everyone had an hour to two hour wait. When we got to the end of Downtown and the final restaurant ESPN Zone we were surprised that their wait time was only 15 minutes. We had a great dinner while watching some sports.

After dinner we had to say good night to Jen who was not feeling so hot. That left six..  Jes, Rupert, Aaron Anthony, Jennifer and myself. We headed over to Tower of Terror and rode that, we all did our best Vogue pose.. it turned out pretty funny.

We were exhausted and it was about 9:30 but I wanted to go visit my buddy Gabe who just started working at Disneyland, unfortunately we couldn't find him at the Finding Nemo ride. We then headed over to Space Mountain and the wait for that ride was crazy long and as I had said we were tired so we called it a night.

Said goodbye to Anthony and Jennifer and drove Rupert and Jes back to my place as they were both staying the night. Got home around 11:30 and quickly went to bed.

Another fun adventure at the Happiest Place on Earth :)

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