Monday, April 23, 2012

Hanging with Josh

I was really looking forward to today. One of my best buddies Josh was coming for a visit.. not just s visit but to spend most of the day hanging out. Well I got a text from him a little before 2 letting me know he's running a bit behind but was heading out soon. He lives about an hour and a half way from me so I was expecting him around 3:30pm.. well 3:30 came and went, then 4 and finally 5pm. I was worried because he ride a motorcycle and the weather was a bit iffy today. I finally got a call from a frantic Josh, who was lost on some dirt roads, cell phone about to die and he's almost out of gas. I felt so bad for him. I did my best to try and figure out where he was as he was close to my place. He was going to try and make his way back to a street sign or actual road. About five minutes later he called me and told me the cross streets. He was only a few miles away so I jumped in my jeep and headed his way. About five minutes later I find him where he said he would be and looking miserable and cold.... Again my heart broke..

He followed me back to my place and told me about the entire ordeal. This is the problem with google maps. It was taking him the back roads to my place but that's been blocked off for years now. Josh is not the best with directions and it just went down hill from there. But he's here now, safe and warm. First thing I did was make him a drink.. he defiantly needed one after his crazy adventure.

We hung out, chatted, watched some movies (The Craft and Moulin Rouge) and made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Around 1am I suggested that he just crash at my place as it was cold outside and he didn't have class until 11am so if he got up around 8am he could get home time to change and get to class.. he agreed this was a best plan. We stayed up for another hour or so chatting before calling it a night and going to bed.

I don't get to spend a lot of time with Josh, because of his school, work and theater. So the time we do get to spend together is priceless to me. This day didn't start out that great, but it ended on the highest of highs. Thanks buddy for being one of the most loving people I've ever had the pleasure of calling my best friend.

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