Thursday, August 23, 2012

42 Pixs til my 42nd Birthday - Days 10 & 11

Age 10

Age 11
Here are two more pictures in my 42 pixs till my 42nd Birthday. This time around it's Day 10 & 11 which means pictures of my at Age 10 and 11.  It's funny how much you can grow in a year. Age 11 I was hanging out at the pool all the time and sporting a great tan. I also broke my arm while at school. I kid tied my shoelace to the monkey bars and the bell rang so I went to jump off and instead of hitting my head I put my arm to break my fall, which it did but I also broke the my forearm at the weakest point. Had to go into the hospital for a night and be put under while the set the bones (it was a compound fracture). Had a cast for six months and it still wasn't healing properly. They threaten to put pins in but lucky for me it finally healed and the cast was removed. Took months for me to regain the full extension of my arm.

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