Friday, August 24, 2012

Star Wars Detours Trailer

So this has been in the works for several years and if you listen to the Forcecast you'll know all about it. Started off as Star Wars Squishies but then was renamed to Star Wars Detours. George asked the creators of Robot Chicken, Seth and Matt to come up with a funny new series. At first we were told this was going to be for pre-schoolers but after seeing this trailer I don't think they are going for that audience anymore.

I literally laughed out loud many times that co-workers asked what was going on and soon everyone in the office was watching and laughing along. I can't wait for this to premiere. If you read the comments on You Tube there is already a ton of hate for this series.. but you know what.. I don't give a crap. Haters gonna hate, especially Star Wars fans, they are some of the worst. All I know is I'll be watching this every week and laughing right along.. Star Wars Fan for Life!!

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  1. Please please please tell me when a new episode comes out or at least how to find it on the net!!This is hysterically funny. Thanks for cheering me up, I had a weird day. :)