Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guildies and the GOE's

So Jes, Olivia, Aaron, Chris and myself were up at 5am getting ready and out of the house my 6am. Traffic was unusually light and we got to The Guild set at 7am, we weren't suppose to be there until 7:30am so we went to a local iHop to grab some breakfast. Of course we ordered and it took them about 25 minutes to get our food. We ate quickly and got to set around 7:45am. Kim and Robert were already on set being "stand ins" and when they saw Chris they had looks of surprises on their faces (which was awesome). Once again I can't really say anything about what happen on set but it was a blast. I did get to be an extra again, so will see if I make it on screen.

After the shoot we went to a special dinner for the Guild of Extras. It was at a local Chinese restaurant close to the shoot area. 20 or so extras showed up. Because we were on set until it wrapped Robert, Chris and I didn't get there until 7:30, which was an hour and a half later then the start time. But it was still a blast seeing so many friends that I haven't seen in awhile.

Once again Chris planned this elaborate ruse about not being there and having Dallas skype with him (which was the plan) but when we got there half of the people already knew and in the end Brian made a speech and mentioned those Extra's that couldn't be with us and Chris came out and surprise half of the crowd.

It was a fun dinner, but I did notice that I didn't really mingle. We were spread out over three tables and sitting at my table was most of my Geek Mob folks and I was content. I could have gotten up and walked over to others and talk a bit but I was having a great time and folks were coming over to me to chat. I really do need to be more social.

The night ended with Jes, Olivia, Chris, Dallas, Rupert, Aaron, Anthony, Jennifer and Nicki crashing at my place. We only stayed up about a half hour because half of us had to be on set the next morning super early. But everyone who stayed the night wanted to spend as much time as they could with Chris, even if it meant driving up to my place for a half hour of hang out time... gotta love my friends.

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  1. I'm glad you all had fun. Man, I REALLY wish I could have been there. I miss all of you. It really feels weird not being able to be an extra this year.