Sunday, August 26, 2012

Guild, Gauntlet & Goodies

Today when I got up Jes, Nicki and Olivia had already left for the set of The Guild season six. Chris and I didn't have to be there as early so we got up at 7am and I made biscuits and gravy for all who stayed over last night. Dallas, Aaron, Rupert, Anthony, Jennifer and Chris. We ate breakfast and hung out for an hour.

I then proceeded to kick everyone out of my house as Chris and I headed down to LA for the shoot. Chris was not extraing today and instead was actually working (paying gig) as a art PA.  I spent the first half of the day interviewing cast members. I then moved on to working on Chris and my "special project" and then went back to interviewing cast members. This was my last day on set though they still have two more days of shooting. I didn't get interviews with many of the main cast members so I'll have to go over to their place in the near future and interview them.

We left set at 7pm and headed east to my brothers. Chris purchased a Gauntlet 2 stand up arcade game. He was going to send it to my house but because I live off a dirt road the delivery truck wasn't able to deliver it to me so instead he had it delivered to my brothers house so we were heading there now as they just drop it off this afternoon. Took about and hour to get to my brothers. Once I was there my nephew Kenobi had to show me his room and all his stuff as Chris got a tour of Mike's house. We headed out to the garage and unpacked the game, plugged it in and started to play. We only had a half hour before we had to head home (had to get Chris to the airport really early the next morning). But Chris, Mike and I had a blast. I don't know what it is about playing a multi player video game but we were going wild and it was AWESOME!!! Can't wait to get this game to my house so we can play it on movie marathon weekends.

On our way home we picked up some Wienerschnitzel for dinner. Again Chris hadn't had Wienerschnitzel since he left CA. Got home around 11pm and went to bed around 11:30pm.. have to be up at 5:30am tomorrow. Spent a fun filled day with my best bud.

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