Friday, August 31, 2012

Lunch, Dinner & MASH

Had lunch with my buddy/co-worker Sebastian. I brought lunch today (something I'm trying to do more and more) so we went and ate out in the Water Garden, which is the common area in between all the business buildings. It's a beautiful setting and while we were there we had this great view and Sebastian took a picture and sent it to me. I altered the colors a bit but it turned out pretty cool.

After the end of work I needed to head home to finish my MASH podcast as it's due to be released at midnight tonight. But my buddies Dallas and Robert wanted me to come out with them. We've been trying to get together for three weeks but it seems like something always comes up. I declined their invitation but in the end I figured I needed to eat dinner and why not have dinner with my buddies so we headed to a local Islands restaurant and enjoyed a fun meal together for a few hours. Afterwards I dropped off Dallas on my way home and got home around 10ish. I immediately jumped on my MASH podcasts and had it done within a few hours and had it ready to go just in time for it's midnight release.

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