Wednesday, August 29, 2012

42 Pixs til my 42nd Birthday - Days 16 & 17

Here I am at Age 16 and 17. I have a cast on my wrist in the picture because I broke my wrist while dirt biking / ATVing with some buddies of mine. It's also the first time I had alcohol. On the first day of a six day trip I was riding an ATV and going up a hill when it stalled. I pushed the right brake for the front wheel but it didn't work so I pushed the left brake for the back and didn't realize that doing so would make the ATV flip backwards over me and tumble down the hill. At first I thought I sprained my wrist but it soon swelled to triple the size. We wrapped it up and since we were dudes and it was only the first day we didn't give it much thought. I would take pain meds here and there and I didn't go to the hospital until I got home a week later as it was still swollen. The docs looked at the xrays and said.. yep.. it's broken and it's amazing that you survived a week without having it checked. So they put a cast on it for a few weeks until it was healed.

My Age 17 picture is my Senior Prom picture. I went with a really good friend of mine Meisha. She and I had gone to the Winter Formal together the previous year. I remember being a nervous wreak having to ask her to go to the prom with me. It was a fun night of friends and dancing.

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