Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fun, Friends and Fans

Today was back on set for another long but super fun day on set of Season Six of The Guild. Once again as like all set visits I have to be up super early. This time we had Dallas, Nicki and Jen staying with me and Brian who had to leave a bit before us. The drama stated early with Nicki locking her keys in her car, but with a little ingenuity Dallas had that door open in 10 minutes.

We packed up our cars and headed to set. Once again Jen was driving with Nicki and Dallas was with me. Dallas and I arrived with no real issues, took about an hour and 10 minutes to get there but when we did there was no sign of Nicki or Jen and I thought I saw them on the side of the freeway pulled over by a highway patrol officer.. and sure enough when the arrived about 20 minutes later that was the case. Nicki and her lead foot were finally caught :)

The rest of the day flew by. I tired to get as many interviews in as I could in between me being on set as an extra. It was a hot and tiring day but in the end everyone had a great time and we made some pretty amazing webseries. Can't wait to see this all cut together.. season six is going to be pretty epic.

Afterwards everyone was tried after two days of these really long days so we opted to not do dinner and just go home. First I had to drop off Dallas and then Jen (who drove with me) and I picked up some El Pollo Loco, went back to my place and watched and episode of Wipeout while enjoy some crazy chicken. Once that was over it was a little after 9:30pm and Jen headed home. As soon as she left I went to bed from some much needed rest.

It was a great weekend but I think working Mon - Friday, podcasting at night and working the Guild Saturday and Sunday it's taking it toll on me. Luckily it only lasts until the end of this month and then I'll have my weekends back again.

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  1. You'll have Labor Day to catch up on rest, so that will be nice!

    I'm curious what Dallas used to to get the door open. I'm guessing coat hanger?

    OH, Nicki got pulled over. Now I get the speed hashtag. Guess she was excited about the keys.