Thursday, October 4, 2012

BTS Pixs & Minecraft Scare

Finally had a free moment to post some pictures from past events. I posted a bunch of pictures that I took while on set of Season 1 of My Gimpy Life. I was on set half the days and got some good BTS stuff. You can check them out HERE.  I also posted some pictures from a shoot that was done at my house. Gamer Girl, Country Boy music video. That was a lot of fun and you can see some BTS pictures HERE. Still have a bunch of photos from my time on the set of The Guild S2 - S6 that I'll be posting at some point.

Put a tweet out there for some help with fixing up my house. Got a few people to help me out. The big weekend is Oct 13/14 as I'll be painting my house. I did manage to get one person to agree to help.. Thanks Rupert. Hope others can join in to make the job go by much faster.

Continued to go out and work on my yard. First attempt lasted about 20 minutes and my second attempt lasted 30 minutes. Still working on the space in between my house and garage and it's really starting to look good. Still got lots to go.

Finished my night off with 3 1/2 hours of Minecraft with my buddy Chris. Not a fan of the monster mode as I have mentioned in previous blogs but tonight it was super creepy. Chris called it a night around 11pm (12am his time) but I wanted to put in another hour or so. I actually sealed myself up in my "hobbit" hole that I am creating and went down to my deepest room when suddenly this long black shimmery thing was hiding in corner.. scared me half to death. I quickly ran upstairs to my top room and sealed the entire room off. That was the end of my Minecraft play for the night. 

Living alone in the middle of nowhere where it's pitch black and quiet as can be and just having the life scared out of you doesn't make for a pleasant evening of sleep.

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