Friday, October 5, 2012

My Podcasts

So I took a break from all my household chores and wanted to see how much time I have put into my podcasts. Some are going strong, some have stalled a bit and some haven't even gotten started.

Podcast #1 - Knights of the Guild Podcast was started on February 15th 2009. I've released 120 Podcasts, Companioncasts, mincasts and microcasts. Last one released on August 12, 2012. Releasing new episodes has kind of been a bit sporadic.. yeah I'm a bit behind on this one. I have gone back and forth on weather or not I should continue this one. I was on the set of season six and do plan to do companioncasts for that season but still need to get quite a few interviews from the cast before those can happen. Unlike S4 and S5 these companioncasts will not be out a day or two after the episodes. I'm thinking I'll start releasing them sometime in November. After season six companioncasts are over I'll reassess the podcast and see if it has any more life left in it. Though it has had big numbers in the past, up to 40,000 downloads in a month the listening audience has dwindled down to about 3000 a month (which btw is still a pretty good number). So I'm not sure what the future hold for this podcast.. guess that kind of depends on what happens to The Guild after Season six.. only time will tell.

Podcast #2 - MASH 4077 Podcast was started on February 3, 2011. I've released 45 episodes so far, 40 regular episodes and 5 Swampcast episodes. This is co-hosted by my buddies Al and Meds. This podcast comes out on the 1st and 15th of every month like clockwork. The audience for this podcast continues to grow as MASH fans find out that there is a podcast for their favorite TV show. We went from 200 downloads a month when we first started to 4000 - 6000 downloads a month now.  There is no end in site for this podcast. I very much enjoy recording this one with my co-hosts and the listeners seemed to be really enjoying it. We are doing one episode per podcast twice a month. There are 251 episodes of MASH, if we continue to release 2 month we still have about 8.7 years of podcasts ahead of us. This is a keeper.

Podcast #3 - Confessions of a Fanboy Podcast was started on August 8th, 2011. I've released 10 episodes so far. I wanted to start this podcast for the "every" fanboy/girl. A place for them to talk about their love for one particular thing, geeky, sporty, music. The audience for this podcast has been small and I expect will continue to be small. I can get as low as 70 downloads a month to 400 downloads in a month, but the average is about 200 a month. This is more my fun podcast, were I can geek out with fellow fanboys/fangirls. The last Confessions was released on June 14th, 2012. There isn't a lack of Fanboys or Fangirls to interview.. it's more a lack of time for me to sit down and record podcasts with these folks. I've really let this one go. When I started this podcast I figured I could release an episode once a month but the release schedule has been quite sporadic, but hopefully I'll be able to get back on track again with this podcast. I really do enjoy doing this one. And edit wise it's the easiest to edit. Stay tuned for more Confessions of a Fanboy/girl.

Podcast #4 - Alien Nation The Newcomer Podcast was started on January 9, 2012. I've released 10 episodes so far. My co-host is my brother Michael. This podcast comes out once a month on the 10th of every month (or close to it). Both my brother and I are huge fans of Alien Nation and I've been wanting to do a podcast with my brother for a while so this choice of topic seemed natural, especially since there aren't any other Alien Nation podcasts out there.This podcast has struggled to find an audience. We started out with very low numbers and it's has steadily gotten bigger. We're currently up to about 250 downloads a month, at this point I was hoping for more but as long as we continue to grow I'm happy. I enjoy doing this podcast with my brother.. we always have a ton of fun. We record one episode per podcast. This series only lasted one season (22 episodes) and had 5 TV movies along with a dozen novels and comic books. We plan on reviewing everything and figure we have a good three years or so for this podcast.

Podcast #5 - My Gimpy Life Podcast was started on July 17, 2012. I've released 8 episodes so far, including regular podcasts, companioncasts, & promo. I started this podcast for my friend Teal and her new webseries with the same title My Gimpy Life. When I first started all I had planned to do was companioncasts for each episode and maybe a intro podcast and a season wrap podcast. But after talking to Teal we agree to try and release a podcast a month, in hopes that there will be a season two and I can continue to do companioncasts for those as well. Will see where this podcast goes. Right now I'm just having some fun with my friend Teal.

Podcast #6 - The Geek Roundtable Podcast has not launched yet. This started as Epic Geek Out Podcast with a different co-host back in October of 2010. It now has a new name, a new co-host Charles and a slightly tweaked format. This is the podcast that I've been wanting to do since I started podcasting. All my podcasts are for very "specific " topics and I've always wanted to do a more "general" geek podcast and this is it.  It's been six months since Charles and I revived this idea and still no podcast. The way this podcast is structured makes it difficult to just record with Charles.. we plan to do a roundtable on geeky topic which means we have 2 to 3 additional guest hosts. Trying to get everyone's schedule to line up has been difficult. But I am determined to get this podcast off the ground before the end of the year.

Needless to say that this hobby has turned into a full time job.. just wish it paid better :) I'd love to be a full time podcaster and make a living at it but at this moment in time that's just not possible. Who knows may one day it will happen. Thank you to all who download and listen to my various podcasts. I appreciate all the love and support I get from each and everyone of you.

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