Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yard Work, TV and a BroDate with Will

Project " Sell My House" continues.. woke up this morning and managed to get a half hour of  yard work in and finished cleaning my kitchen. I tired really hard to be productive all day yesterday. I avoided the TV the entire day. Today I wasn't so lucky. I have a ton of TV recorded on my DVR so today I decided to take a break from being productive and watch some of my recorded TV.

Around 5pm I headed out to Lowes to pick up a replacement toilet seat (I mentioned this a few months ago that I purchased the wrong size for my guest room). Well now that I'm selling the house I wanted to get the proper size so I did. I also picked up some replacement string for my weed whacker. But the main reason that I left the house was to head out and have dinner with my buddy Will.

I haven't seen him since my birthday weekend as he's been super busy with his job but he did manage to pull himself away for a few hours and meet me at Gordan Biersch for dinner. We had a great dinner.. lasted almost 3 hours. We talked about everything under the sun. He even slapped me across the face, twice, in the middle of the restaurant (long story). It was a great night. We finally said our goodbyes around 11:30pm.. I headed home and he headed back to work. That boy works to hard sometimes. But it was a great visit and I can't wait to hang with him again soon... love you buddy.

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