Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Buffy Rewatch Continues

Once again I struggled to motivate myself to do anything other then watch TV. I wasn't successful. Lucky for me I had plans in the evening...  I was heading out to my buddy Robert's place for our Buffy night.

Got to his place around 6:30pm, we ordered our dinner, Italian this time and we picked a new place. I always get the same thing, spaghetti with meat sauce and Italian sausage.

Caught up a little bit with Robert before starting our Buffy rewatch / first time. Again we are watching Buffy from the beginning. This is a rewatch for me and a first time for Robert. We are currently on season three. Our first episode is episode 5 "Homecoming", I thought it was an okay episode... nothing too special. It's always fun to see Buffy go head to head with Cordelia. 

After that we moved on to episode 6 "Band Candy". Now I told Robert that this was one of my least favorite episodes but I guess I forgot how awesome it really was. I laughed so much in this episode. Of course the highlights were Giles, Joyce and Snyder all acting like teenagers. It was a blast. Both Robert and I really enjoyed it.

Our final episode for the evening was episode 7 "Revelations". I really liked this episode as well, it started the rift between Buffy and Faith. And I can say that I truly dislike Xander. I don't remember him annoying me so much the first time around, but now he's just so horrible and annoying. And I totally forgot about the whole Willow and Xander thing. I mean I know how it ends but it's fun to see Robert so involved with these characters.

As always it was a great evening and fun hanging out with Robert. It had been a few weeks since we hung out for our last Buffy rewatch and I've been missing him more then usual. Gonna try and get one more Buffy rewatch in before the end of the year.

Also I got a new screener tonight.. Wreck-it-Ralph. Now I've seen this in the theaters and loved it so I can't wait to see it again.

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