Monday, November 26, 2012

Doctors and Dinner

yeah that's my Doctor
Today I had my annual yearly check up. I won't go into great detail as some of my life I like to keep personal (I know shocker), but I can say that my blood pressure is the best it has been since my teens. It was 121 over 80. Of course this is because I'm taking blood pressure medicine. I'm hoping with my continued weight lose I'll be able to get off the meds and still get those kinds of numbers. But for the most part I'm in fairly good shape for a 42 year old man.

After dinner I headed out to Burbank to have dinner with my bestie Will. Only problem is that I got to Burbank at 5ish and Will wasn't getting off work until 7:30. So I drove over to the empire center and did a little Christmas shopping. Not doing alot this year since I have been jobless for most of it... but I was picking up a few things here and there. After a half hour I had had enough. The lines and the crowds were just to much for me so I went back to my Jeep and just sat there listening to podcasts and texting friends.

The time flew by and soon I was having dinner with my buddy Will at Zankou Chicken. Will and I hadn't seen each other in a few months which we try to avoid but it happens more often then we like. But we both agree, it's not about the quantity but the quality of our hang outs. This was a great dinner. We sat and talked for over three hours and closed down the restaurant and then went to my jeep and continued to talk for another half hour. It was nice catching up with Will and a great way to end my evening.

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